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FranceWatts combines two skills:

  • the manufacture of frameless laminated photovoltaic modules
  • development of building integration systems.

... Two complementary skills to serve turnkey solutions



French manufacturer known for its conception of unframed laminated photovoltaic panels, FranceWatts designs a range of products to generate green energy efficiency. Combined to a carefully prepared mounting- system, these solutions have effective and sustainable characteristics.

Our photovoltaic solutions:

  • photovoltaic tile
  • large roof
  • Surimposition
  • Railing
  • cladding
  • Shading
  • Off-grid solutions
  • Carport
  • Roof/Terrace
  • Tracker
  • Bi-glass

A unique design :

  • quick and easy installation,
  • simplified maintenance,

Aesthetic value :

  • Integrated design for all types of roofing,
  • Aesthetic appreciated by architects,
  • Recovery and preservation of the building.

The Quality, source of performance and durability :

  • Perfect seal,
  • Passive ventilation provided,
  • Control of the expansion phenomena.


Developing and providing

"The needs of our customers influence the evolution of our products and solutions."

The Technical Department and the R&D Department work together to better meet the constraints and different applications. Both services listen and take into account the issues of the customers. They incorporate this operational perception to their thinking and search, innovate, optimize. This approach is the heart of our customer relationship. We favor this partnership, source of all of our solutions and applications we develop.


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